About Richard Molnar

Theatre major and journalism minor, I found my love for art and photography in late 2016. Starting with simple photos of cats to releasing a self published photo-book in the span of two years has been a fun and wild ride. I’ve learned a lot about my love for visual story-telling and what it takes to make a good photograph, I want to take my skills out into the world and see what I can come back with.

My goal is to become a photojournalist and explore the worlds and its cultures, to reveal earths beauty and destruction.


- The Buzz Magazine 2018 peoples choice - 1st Place
- The Buzz Magazine 2018 portrait category - 4th place
- National Geographic travel photography - Editors Favorite
- Homeless of Houston Photo-book - Link
- Interview with Ernie Manouse - Houston Public Media
- Blank Wall Gallery. Athens Greece - On display June 3rd - 19th, 2019


Contact: richard@rwmphotos.com

(832) 724-9656